Briot Attitude Automatic Tracer / Blocker / Lens Analyzer




Briot Attitude Automatic Tracer / Blocker / Lens Analyzer
Features include:
Patented Gravitech® optical lens tracer
Patented Truscan® angled high base curve wrap frame tracer
3D traces using gravity to interpolate the z-axis of the lens
Traces demo lenses and patterns with amazing speed, accuracy, and precision
Wavefront progressive lens analysis, an industry first
Easy positioning of the frame
Gentle frame realignment during clamping operation
Frame thickness and groove position tracing for achieving a flawless fit
Backward compatibility with ALTA lens edging systems
Memory to store 5000 jobs(10000 shapes)
Parallax and prism-free camera blocking
Easy, one finger operation
Completely automatic blocking
Eliminates human error from manual blocking



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