Arjo Huntleigh Maxi Move Power Patient Lift




Arjo Huntleigh Maxi Move Power Patient Lift
Description :
ArjoHuntleigh Maxi Move power patient lift is a mobile passive lift designed for people who either have no capacity to support themselves or who are completely dependent. Maxi Move battery-powered passive sling lift allows a single caregiver to safely manage a wide range of resident/client handling routines. With unrivaled flexibility, stability and reliability, the Maxi Move is the optimum lift for intensive use in the most demanding care environments.
Maxi Move helps caregiver provide a higher quality of care with a new built-in electronic scale and a handheld control unit with a display. Maxi Move is compatible with most low clearance beds and stretchers. Maxi Move is available in an extra low height castor version, with a ground clearance of only 2⅜”.
The system offers two unique features: the Stable Vertical System (SVS) and the battery-powered Dynamic Positioning System (DPS). Combined, these two systems create an extremely safe and comfortable sling lift for the entire transfer process, from the initial lift through to effortless fine-tuning in order to find the resident’s/client’s most comfortable position.

Maxi Move can:
Handle routine tasks such as lifting, transfers and repositioning of clients
Support stretchers – making it an ideal choice for supine lifting of clients in acute care
Deal with the unforeseen – a client can be safely lifted from the floor in the event of a fall
Be equipped with an extended jib – for optimum transfers to and from bulky wheelchairs in special care facilities
Comfortably and securely transfer clients ranging in size from pediatrics to bariatrics – weighing a maximum of 500 lbs.
Be adjusted quickly for different clients or care routines – making it ideal for facilities with a wide spectrum of client ages, heights and weights
Maxi Move lift comes standard with:

Hand set
Two batteries
One wall charger

System failure override
Safe working load 500 lbs.
Low friction castors, rear two with brakes
Ergonomically designed manoeuvring handle
Secondary operating controls mounted on the mast
Automatic safety cut-off if lowered onto an obstacle
Positioning handle for precise handling during transfers
Electrical opening chassis operated via the handheld control unit
Sling attachment for spreader bar, with a four-point keyhole clip system
Additional audible warning signal to indicate that the battery requires changing
Handheld control unit for complete control when working with residents/clients
Color-coded bar chart on the spreader bar for identification of the correct sling size
A Battery Discharge Indicator (BDI) with color display to indicate remaining battery power level
A service indicator measured in hours provides accurate actuator usage, indicating service requirements
Stable Vertical System (SVS) comprising: a vertical lift, anti-swing, jib, pivot point spreader bar attached and clip sling design



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