Air Techniques ProVecta DC Intraoral X-ray




 Air Techniques ProVecta DC Intraoral X-ray

Intuition: knows how to control what you can’t
Flexibility: meets all of your needs
0.4 mm Focal spot for the sharpest detail possible – The ProVecta DC’s focal spot is the smallest in the industry
Variable exposure parameters for exceptional precision
ProVecta DC lets you take the exact radiograph you need by independently changing kV and mA
Automatic exposure history for fast, easy retrieval
Delivers the same X-ray output regardless of line voltage fluctuations
No interference from other equipment: ProVecta DC’s industry-first technology always draws clean power and operates predictably
Only ProVecta DC has a tube head and arms that are delicately balanced by hand and built with no brakes to move seamlessly
ProVecta DC has 3 arm lengths and a maximum reach of almost 80″, and the ProVecta DC Mobile adds the convenience of wheels
Perfect for every radiography technology
Horizontal or vertical wall mounts
Line Voltage 110 Vac ± 10%
60 Hz Nominal
Tube Kv Potential (Max)
50 to 70 kVp
Tube Current (Max)
4 to 8 mA (for 200 ms)
Exposure Time Selections
40 ms through 3.5 seconds
Source to Skin Distance
230 mm ± 5 mm
310 mm ± 5 mm with Optional Cone
Minimum Inherent Filtration
0.5 mm AI Equivalent at 70 kV
Focal Spot Size
0.4 mm
Duty Factor
1:15 at 70 kVp
Weight 15″ Long Arm: 105 lbs.
24″ Long Arm: 107 lbs.
33″ Long Arm: 110 lbs.



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