Acteon SOPRO 717 First




Acteon SOPRO 717 First
Product Description
The Sopro 717’s innovative design means it fits perfectly into all working environments without disrupting the way you are accustomed to doing things. A highly sophisticated optical unit and high-quality electronics have been developed around a 1/4″ CCD so the Sopro 717 can offer you exceptional image quality.
-New generation LED technology
-Very large depth of field: focus from 1-mm macro to infinite
-Analog and digital (USB 2.0) compatibility
-SoproShade to simplify shade selection
-SoproTouch sensor for convenient image capture
-High sensitivity 1/4” CCD.
-Resolution :(752×582) PAL ;(768×494) NTSC.
-Definition : 470 lines
-Sensitivity : 2 lux.
-Lighting : 8 LED.
-Adjustment : 3 pre-set positions (Extra-oral, Intraoral, Macro).
-2 SoproShade positions.
-Non-inverted image.
-Freeze Frame with SoproTouch or pedal (option).
-Angle of view : 70°.
-Cable length : 2,5m .
-Size of the handpiece : L.200 mm x l.28 mm x H.24mm.
-Size of the distal part : l.13mm x H. 8mm
-Weight : 75g.



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