Acteon Satelec AIR-N-GO




Acteon Satelec AIR-N-GO
Discover AIR-N-GO® Concept
The first dual purpose air polisher
The first range of powders to focus on the patient’s well-being
increase possibilities for care and treatment with a single handpiece.SUPRA Version: The Beauty
For perfect cosmetic results thanks to a fast, effective and painless polishing that is gentle to the gingiva and teeth.PERIO Version: The Health
For a simple and efficient way to treat periodontal diseases and peri-implantitis sub-gingivally.

The simplest system ever created :
– Fast and accurate treatment
– Two exchangeable heads
– “STOP POWDER” function allowing you not only to clean the treated area, but also to rinse out the interior of the device before sterilization.
– The right nozzle for each clinical application
– Easy to prepare powder tanks with the bayonet-type connector system “CLIP-N-GO”
– Perfect hygiene: autoclavable (nozzle, head and front plastic body), all parts of AIR-N-GO can be cleaned.

The AIR-N-GO® Powder Range
The first range of powders to focus on the patient’s well-being
designed to provide gentle care and effective prophylaxis and / or subgingival treatments.
SUPRA-Gingival powders
– The AIR-N-GO “CLASSIC”, active and sodium bicarbonate based powder, with less aggressive geometry (76µm), comes in five 100% natural fresh flavors.
– The AIR-N-GO “PEARL”, ultra-active powder, based on natural calcium carbonate, consists of microspheres (55µm) that are gentle on delicate tissues.

Sub-gingival powder
– The glycine-based “AIR-N-GO PERIO” powder (25 µm) will help you to prevent and fight periodontal and peri-implantitis diseases.

Clinical applications

No stress in prophylaxis:
– AIR-N-GO “CLASSIC” and “PEARL” powders have been specially developed to respect delicate tissues.
– A unique ergonomic design, with the nozzles in 120° and in 90°, guarantees better working comfort for fast and efficient treatment.
POLISHING: to finish after scaling, to prepare for bleaching
CLEANING: interproximal areas, fissures and troughs, preparation of the tooth surface before etching, orthodontic brackets.
REMOVAL: biofilm, plaque, stains and remnants of temporary cementum.

Extremely powerful tool for the treatment of periodontitis and peri-implantitis.
The action of the gycine-based powder provides remarkable therapeutic results with a considerable reduction of inflammation and pocket depth, during the phase of initial periodontal treatment.
The 20° angle of the PERIO nozzle may treat all sides of the tooth or implant, the nozzle slides into the periodontal pockets respecting the surrounding anatomical structures.
Classification according to 93/42/EEC Directive : Class IIa
Connected to the tubine cord with Kavo, Multiflex, Bien Air, NSK, W & H, Sirona or Midwest adapters (depending on model)
Length of the handpiece with long head : L= 205mm
Length of the handpiece with short head:L=193mm
Water supply : irrigation flow at 15 ml/min +/- 5 ml/min
Air supply : 3 – 4 bars



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