Acteon NEWTRON P5 XS BLED Bluetooth




Acteon NEWTRON P5 XS BLED Bluetooth
Product Description
Add peace of mind to your daily work with the NEWTRON® P5XS ultrasonic generator
Work in freedom with the remote adjustment of NEWTRON® P5XS settings on a tablet or smartphone through the P5XS application.
PURE wellness
Introducing a brand new range of Newtron® ultrasonic generators, ACTEON® SATELEC® once again revolutionises dentistry with clinical and technological innovations for gentle and painless treatments. Assured gain for time and wellness for you and you patient.

PURE design
Improved ergonomics, better hygiene
effortless interaction with the practitioner
easier access to settings and handpieces
flat glass surfaces and uncluttered design
totally watertight and hygienic for simple cleaning
removable power knob
easy decontamination
Intuitive settings
Easily choose the correct power settings for each tip according to the Colour Coding System™(CCS)
high power amplitude for precise settings
reduced risk of tip breakage
illuminated power knob
high visibility of settings chosen
soothing lights diffusion
Exclusive handpiece holder

can be installed on the front or side of the device
reduced risk of handpiece fall
removable and autoclavable silicone
PURE clinic
Multiple efficient and smooth treatments thanks to a great choice of tips
Largest and most innovative range of tips on the market
more than 70 tips available
clinical versatility
External irrigation system meets all clinical needs
Cylindrical tank and new lid
secure and stable
easy to fill even during treatment
300 ml or 500 ml graduated tank
great visibility of volume used
mix liquids directly to the tank
Effortless adjustment of irrigation
autonomous purge
removable knob for total hygiene




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