3Shape TRIOS 3 Mono




3Shape TRIOS 3 Mono

Offering dentists an upgradeable digital impression solution, the TRIOS 3 Mono is an entry-level system featuring the same accuracy and scanning speed of the TRIOS 3 at an approximately 40 percent lower price point. The digital impression solution scans without the need for contrast powder, and is compatible with a wide range of indications and open CAD/CAM systems. The scans appear on screen like stone models and the system is capable of capturing HD photos. The TRIOS 3 Mono can be upgraded to the full TRIOS 3 at any time, adding color scanning and shade matching to the list of capabilities.

3Shape® has launched its TRIOS 3 Mono onto the market, a new version of its successful TRIOS 3 intraoral scanner, which AVINENT distributes. The TRIOS 3 Mono offers the same accuracy, speed and ease of use as all TRIOS intraoral scanners, but it takes digital impressions without color.

It will sell at a very competitive price, retailing at almost 40% less than TRIOS 3 color models. Like many of the TRIOS 3 models, the TRIOS 3 Mono delivers accuracy, speed and ease of use, as well as a wide range of features.

Plus, as a special bonus, the TRIOS 3 Mono can be upgraded to a TRIOS 3 color model at any time, an upgrade that will include RealColor™ scanning, digital shade measurement, and an integrated intraoral camera.



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