3Shape D1000




3Shape D1000
Ultra-high productivity
4 x 5 MP cameras, Blue LED Multi-line
Accuracy: 5 μm (ISO) / 8 μm (Implant bar)
Die scan time: 15 sec
Full arch scan time: 20 sec
Color texture scanning
No need for separate die scan*
Impression scanningUltra-high productivity
The D1000 is equipped with 4 x 5 Mp cameras. With this scanner, multiline scanning is possible, that means in one picture multiple scan lines ar recorded. This process increases your productivity and significantly shortens the scanning time.
Dies must not be scanned separately, as due to the multi-line scanning, deeper areas can be detected. Because of the blue LED technology, the noise durning the scan process is reduced and a higher accuracy is achieved.
Also the D1000, the impression scan was improved by the use of adaptive technology. Incomplete areas are identified by the optimal combination of the two cameras and the 3-axis motion. Therefore, the scan is also completet at hard-to-reach areas.
The RealColor™ technology not only ensures an improved detail design illustrarion during the design process, also hand-drawn markings are visible and can assist the technician while designs.
Important information:
Blue LED Multiline
Accuracy: 5 µm (ISO)/ 8 µm (Implant bar)
Scan time for a die: 15 sec.
Scan time for a jaw: 25 sec.


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