The Lava™ CAM 4-K4 Milling Machine Detailed Overview
The new VHF CAM 4-K4 is a micro milling machine ideal for small dental labs. The VHF CAM 4-K4 device comes with with a Lava™ Frame holder and is capable of milling all sizes of Lava™ Zirconia, Wax and Lava™ Ultimate frames. The model of CAM 4-K4 Impression has been newly constructed especially for the requirements of dental technology. It is equipped with a safety interlock at the front cover. The special 3M ESPE Lava™ Edition is adapted to hold Lava™ frames and to work in the Lava™ network. With a CAM 4-K4 comes with an automatic tool changer with six stations which enables a complete machining of the work piece. From the initial rough machining up to the ultimate finishing, complete your project without manual intervention of the operator. Increase your ROI, turnaround times and productivity with the 3M Lava CAM 4-K4.Benefits of the Lava™ CAM 4-K4 Milling Machine
Affordable price
High quality genuine Lava™ restorations
Versatility: all Lava™ materials and indications (4 axis)
Automated tool changerFeatures of the Lava™ CAM 4-K4 Milling Machine

Rotary Axes Features
· A-axis: rotary axis with highest true running accuracy for processing work pieces on their full circumference of 360 degrees
· harmonic drive free from backlash
· Automatic measurement of rotary axis and automatic axis compensation for absolutely exact results.
· pneumatic for tools with 3 mm shank diameter 35 mm total length

Fixing Device Features
· Integrated fixing device for round universal blanks with a thickness of 10 to 25 mm and a diameter of 98 mm.
Controller Features

· synchronic interpolation of 4 axes
· great smoothness of running, powerful and accurate due to micro step operation
· high processing speed due to exponential acceleration ramps
· look-ahead feature for continuous velocity along the path
· 6 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs
· 4 motor end phases
· Chopper controller
· cooling via 3 fans
· automatic tool change station for 6 tools with tool length detection and tool breakage monitoring via electrical contact
· compressed air monitoring
Spindle Features
· high frequency spindle SF 170P
· nominal power under constant load (S1): 170 W · maximum power output (Pmax): 240 W
· rotational speed range up to 60,000 RPM
· double steel ball bearings
· radial deviation at internal cone of the precision shaft < 1 μm
· blocking air prevents entering of foreign substances in the bearing area
Dust Extraction Features
· openings in the rear panel of the working area for dust extraction
· connector for hose at the side of the housing
· under-pressure sensor for monitoring the dust extraction
· 24 Volt output for connecting the switching unit



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