3M ESPE Pentamix Lite




3M ESPE Pentamix Lite
Portable design makes it easy to carry from operatory to operatory thanks to light weight and integrated handgrip.
Economical and exact dispensing of the amount of material needed.
Compact design saves valuable space.
The Pentamix™ Lite is a portable Autromatic Mixing Unit easy to carry thanks to its light weight and integrated handgrip. It is designed to work with all 3M ESPE Penta™ Impression Materials and consistently delivers a homogeneous, reproducible mixing quality for void-free impressions. With its unique swiveling design, it requires minimal space in the upright standby position.Includes: 1 – Pentamix™ Lite 120V 60HZ Automatic Mixing Unit; 1 – Penta™ Cartridge, 1 – Quick Start Guide, 1 – IFU, 1 – Pentamix™ Lite Automatic Mixing Unit Sticker


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